Poster I made for EAVA's artist this week Sean Pecknold 

Poster for this week’s FILM TONIGHT screening of The Texas Chain Saw Massacre

Poster I made for EAVA's artist this week Vince McKelvie

From the ashes of A115CLUB comes FILM TONIGHT

SLEIGHTING from Rachel Ho on Vimeo

One of the best shows I’ve had the good fortune to see during my time at CalArts has been Rachel Ho’s thesis SLEIGHTING.

Seeing the development process and completion of it was really inspirational and has already been a big influence on my own work. The crew assembled was like seeing a real life dream team come together comprised of Rachel, Julian Petschek, John Brennan, Daniel Jackson, Ting ZhangLionel Williams and Michael Scroggins. You can see a small portion of the show in the above video BUT Rachel is going to be putting on another show of SLEIGHTING this September on the 20th at the Live Arts Festival here in Los Angeles. If you’re in LA around that time, you need to go!

p.s. when I was making SPORTS, I put some fanart in for the coolest boy in the coolest kitchen. 






Hopkins & Delaney LLP will be released around 10pm PST Today! 

Check out my friend Sean Buckelew’s movie coming out tonight! So happy it’s going to finally be out in the world. Before the flick, I highly recommend going through the posts leading up to the movie to have the full surround Hopkins and Delaney experience

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Rachel Ho's testament to love for A115's screening of “Possession.” 

Here’s a preshow I made for our screening of “American Graffiti”


A115CLUB, the film club that Sean Buckelew, Rachel Ho, Jess Iglehart and myself ran for the past year and a half at Calarts was unexpectedly shut down and moved out of state after ongoing issues with our sponsors. BUT over the next couple weeks, we will be uploading the pre shows that we made for our last year’s lineup, and our first one up is a doozie. Jess made a mammoth guide to the cultural landscape of 1987 as a warmup to the film exposing the war on drugs, demonstrating the power of friendship and the art of martial arts, Y.K. Kim’s Miami Connection

Keep an eye out for more A115!

Big A115 updates coming at you soon!

Thank you everyone for all the support and watching! You are all the best 

Here’s SPORTS!

Hope everyone had a good fourth of July!