Thank you everyone for all the support and watching! You are all the best 

Here’s SPORTS!

Hope everyone had a good fourth of July!

Teaser for my movie I’m putting up this Sunday! Watch out

SPORTS 2154 is getting pretty. Look for it later this month! July 6th

A115CLUB Sem 3.0

RIP 2014-2014

Drawings I made for a class exhibition, Blackbox Bubblebath

Homer Thompson at Terror Lake

Sneak peek at new project about cold hard feelings

Trailer for Rachel Ho’s Sleighting focusing on one of the more under appreciated roles in most performances: the Bouncer.


I just finished this movie for you!

This was a project that I started a couple years ago and has kind of morphed into an exercise in remolding story and editing techniques I wanted to mess with. I’m happy to finally put closure to it and move onto future prospects. Completing this wouldn’t have been possible without all the cool people at CalArts and all the generosity of everybody involved in the making it.

I hope you like it! 

This Monday get ready for the most action packed flick since Supercop